American Fighter Aces Books

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Books Written By or About Aces

Book TitleAce Name (when applicable)Authors(s)
They Called Me DixieRichard Lear AlexanderRichard L. Alexander
To Fly and FightClarence Emil AndersonClarence E. Anderson with Joe O. Hamelin
Last Train Over Rostov BridgeMarion Hughes AtenMarion Aten and Arthur Ormont
Memoirs and ArtWilliam Terry BadhamWilliam Terry Badham
Eyes of the Eagle: The Exploits of Henry Lee Badha Jr. and William Terry Badham in the EAFThomas E. Badham
Ace Profile: Col. Rex T. BarberRex Theodore BarberWilliam Hess
Fighting Airman: The Way of the EagleCharles John BiddleCharles J. Biddle
Check SixFrederick Corbin BlesseFrederick C. Blesse
No Guts, No GloryFrederick Corbin BlesseFrederick C. Blesse
Dick Bong, Ace of AcesRichard Ira BongGeorge C. Kenney
Dear Mom: So We Have a WarRichard Ira BongCarl Bong
The Missions and P-38 Lightnings of Richard I. Bong: A SynopsisRichard Ira BongLee Johnson and TC Hill
Baa Baa Black SheepGregory BoyingtonPappy Boyington
TonyaGregory BoyingtonPappy Boyington
Black Sheep OneGregory BoyingtonBruce Gamble
Capt. AR Brooks: America's Quiet Ace of WWIArthur Raymond BrooksWalter A. Musciano
Squadron 95Harold R. BuckleyHarold Buckley
Callahan, The Last War BirdLawrence Kinglsey CallahanMarvin L. Skelton
War in an Open CockpitAlvin Andrew CallenderAlvin Andrew Callender
Let's Go Where the Acton Is!Douglas CampbellDouglas Campbell, edited by Jack E. Eder
Pushing the EnvelopeMarion Eugene CarlMarion E. Carl with Barrett Tillman
Pursue and DestroyLeonard Kyle CarsonLeonard Carson
Lt. Henry Robinson Clay: Sopwith Camel AceHenry Robinson ClayMarvin L. Skelton and George H. Williams
Oscar: His StoryOscar Hoffman CoenOscar Hoffman Coen and Mildred Coen Robeck
Everett R. Cook, A MemoirEverett Richard CookJoseph Riggs and Margaret Lawrence
Letters of an American Airman: Being the War Record of Capt. Hamilton Coolidge, USA 1917-1918Hamilton CoolidgeHamilton Coolidge
Wildcats to Tomcats: The Tailhook NavyRichard I. CormierZeke Cormier
Fox TwoRandall Harold CunninghamRandy Cunningham and Jeff Ethell
Tally-Ho! Yankee in a SpitfireArthur Gerald DonahueArthur G. Donahue
Last Flight from SingaporeArthur Gerald DonahueArthur G. Donahue
Ben Drew: The Katzenjammer AceBen DrewR.R. Rowell with U.L. Drew
Fighter PilotWilliam Robert DunnWilliam R. Dunn
Reaper Leader: The Life of Jimmy FlatelyJames Henry Flately Jr.Steve Ewing
An Ace of the EightNorman John FortierBud Fortier
Joe Foss: Flying MarineJoseph Jacob FossAs told to Walter Simmon
A Proud American: The Autobiography of Joe FossJoseph Jacob FossJoe Foss with Donna Wild Foss
MiG Alley to Mu Ghia Pass: Memoirs of a Korean War AceCecil Glenn FosterCecil G. Forster with David K. Vaugh
Gabby: A Fighter Pilot's LifeFrancis S. GabreskiFrancis Gabreski as told to Carl Molesworth
Salvation for a Dommed ZombieJohn Roderick GalvinJohn Galvin with Frank Allnutt
One Man Air ForceDominic Salvatore GentileDon S. Gentile as told to Ira Wolfert
Don S. Gentile: Soldier of God and CountryDominic Salvatore GentileMark M. Spagnuolo
The Look of EaglesJohn Trevor GodfreyJohn T. Godfrey
Mustang AceRobert John GoebelRobert J. Goebel
Tumult in the CloudsJames Alexander GoodsonJames A. Goodson
The Last of the KnightsJames Alexander GoodsonJames A. Goodson
Over-Paid, Over-Sexed, and Over HereJames Alexander GoodsonJames A. Goodson and Norman Franks
Down for Double: Anecdotes of a Fighter PilotGordon M. GrahamGordon M. Graham
Herky: The Memoirs of a Checkertail AceHerschel H. GreenHerschel H. Green
Bill, A Pilot's StoryBill HarrisBrooklyn Harris
Up and At 'emHarold Evans HartneyHarold E. Hartney
An Ace and His Angel: Memoiors of a WWII Fighter PilotHerbert Brooks HatchHerbert "Stub" Hatch
Kidd Hofer: Last of the Screwball PilotsRalph Kidd HoferTro L. White
Roar of the TigerJames Howell HowardJames H. Howard
Happy Jack's Go-BuggyJack Milotn IlfreyJack Ilfrey with Mark Copeland
Happy Jack's Go-BuggyJack Milotn IlfreyJack Ilfrey with Mark Copeland
Jungle AceGerald Richard JohnsonJohn R. Bruning
Called to CommandGerald Richard JohnsonGerald W. Johnson
ThunderboltRobert Samuel JohnsonRobert S. Johnson with Martin Caidlin
First of the SpacemenIven Carl Kincheloe Jr.James J. Haggerty Jr.
The Incurable Fillibuster: Adventures of Col. DeanDean Ivan LambDean Ivan Lamb
Combat ReportWilliam Carpenter LambertBill Lambert
Barnstorming and GirlsWilliam Carpenter LambertBill Lambert
Horses Don’t Fly: A Memoir of WWIFrederick LibbyFrederick Libby
Into the Teeth of the TigerDonald Sewell LopezDonald S. Lopez
Fighter Pilot's Heaven: Flight Testing the Early JetsDonald Sewell LopezDonald S. Lopez
Into the Teeth of the TigerDonald Sewell LopezDonald S. Lopez
Deux Grands Chevaliers DeI'adventure: Marc Pourpe et Raoul LufbéryRaoul LufberyJacques Mortane
The Balloon Buster: Frank Luke of ArizonaFrank LukeNorman S. Hall
Frank Luke: The September RampageFrank LukeWilliam P. Haiber
Lost Black Sheep: The Search of WWII Ace Chris MageeChristopher Lyman MageeRobert T. Reed
Honest JohnWalker Melville MahurinWalker M. Mahurin
Target LuftwaffeKenneth Ray MartinWilliam A. Ong
The Last Great Ace: The Life of Major Thomas B. McGuire Jr.Thomas Buchanan McGuireCharles A. Martin
The First Hellcat AceHamilton McWhorter IIIHamilton McWhorter III with Jay A. Stout
Air Power in Three WarsWilliam Walter MomyerWilliam W. Momyer
Fateful Rendezvous: The Life of Butch O'HareEdward Henry O'HareSteve Ewing and John B. Lunsstrom
A Dream of EaglesRalph Ambrose O'NeillRalph A. O'Neill
Sports After FiftyEdward OvertonTed Overton
Ace: Autobiography of a Fighter Pilot, WWIIMelvin R. PaisleyMelvin Paisely with Vicki Paisley
I Flew with the Lafayette EscadrilleEdwin Charles ParsonsEdwin C. Parsons
Ace! A Marine Night-Fighter Pilot in WWIIRobert Bruce PorterR. Bruce Porter with Eric Hammel
Wings God Gave My SoulGeorge Earl PreddyJoseph W. Noah
Geaorge Preddy: Top Mustang AceGeorge Earl PreddyJoseph W. Noah with Samual I. Sox Jr.
Combat Aerial EscapadesJoseph Huner ReinbergJ. Hunter Reinburg
Seven Came Through: Rickenbacker’s Full StoryEdward Vernon RickenbackerEdward V. Rickenbacker
Aerial Copbas EscapadesEdward Vernon RickenbackerHans Christian Adamson
Fighting The Flying CircusEdward Vernon RickenbackerEdward V. Rickenbacker
RickenbackerEdward Vernon RickenbackerEdward V. Rickenbacker
From Father to Son: The letters of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker to his son William, from boyhood to manhoodEdward Vernon RickenbackerEdited by William F. Rickenbacker
Fighting The Flying CircusEdward Vernon RickenbackerEdward V. Rickenbacker, edited by W. David Lewis
The Passing of the NightRobinson RisnerRobinson Risner
A Yankee Ace in the RAF: The World War I Letters of Captain Bogart RogersBogart RogersJohn H. Morrow Jr. and Earl Rogers
Flying Tiger Joe’s Adventure Story CookbookCamille Joseph RosbertC. Joseph Rosbart
“Follow Me”: The Life and Times of David C. SchillingDavid Carl SchillingJohn C. McClure and Charlotte S. McClure
God is My Co-PilotRobert Lee ScottRobert Lee Scott
Damned to GloryRobert Lee ScottRobert Lee Scott
Runway to the SunRobert Lee ScottRobert Lee Scott
Between the Elephant’s Eyes!Robert Lee ScottRobert Lee Scott
Samburu the ElephantRobert Lee ScottRobert Lee Scott
Boring a Hole in the Sky: Six Million Miles With a Fighter PilotRobert Lee ScottRobert Lee Scott
God is Still My Co-PilotRobert Lee ScottRobert Lee Scott
The Day I Owned the SkyRobert Lee ScottRobert Lee Scott
Tale of a TigerRobert Tharp SmithR.T. Smith
War Birds: The Diary of an Unknown AviatorElliott White SpringsElliot White Springs
War BirdElliott White SpringsBurke Davis
It’s a Long Way to Camas Meadows: The Flying Log, Letters and Diary of Lieutenant Edgard TaylorEdgar TaylorEdgar Taylor
Pilot Officer James Neale ThorneJames Neale ThorneOlive Floyd
Some Still LiveFrank Glasgow TinkerFrank G. Tinker
Sopwith Camel Fighter AceRobert Miles ToddRobert M. Todd
And So It WasJohn Hinds TruluckJohn H. Truluck Jr.
Big Friend, Little FriendRichard Eugene TurnerRichard E. Turner
Ogien Nad ChinamiWitold UrbanowiczWitold Urbanowicz
Swit ZwyciestwaWitold UrbanowiczWitold Urbanowicz
Latajace TygrystyWitold UrbanowiczWitold Urbanowicz
War Flying in FranceGeorge Augustus VaughnGeorge A. Vaughn
Adventure’s a WenchCharles Herbert VellC.H. Vell as told to Howard Marsh
Under Fire: The Life of Charles VellCharles Herbert VellHoward Marsh
Fire and Fall BackClinton Dannolt VincentGlenn E. McClure
Fighter PilotRalph Henry WandreyRalph H. Wandrey
Aces Wild: The Race for Mach 1George S. WelchAl Blackburn
Three Songs and Other PoemsRichard Lee WestRichard West
SkipperTheodore Hugh WintersT. Hugh Winters
Across the High Frontier: The Story of a Test Pilot-Major Charles E. YeagerCharles Elwood YeagerWilliam R. Lundgren
YeagerCharles Elwood YeagerChuck Yeager and Leo Janos
Press On! Further Adventures in the Good LifeCharles Elwood YeagerChuck Yeager and Charles Leerhsen
The Quest for Mach OneCharles Elwood YeagerChuck Yeager, Bob Carhenas, Bob Hoover, Jack Russell and James Young
The Hub: Fighter LeaderHubert ZemkeRoger A. Freeman
Zemke’s Wolf PackHubert ZemkeRoger A. Freeman
Zemke’s StalagHubert ZemkeHubert Zemke as told to Roger A. Freeman
Flying TigersLarry M. Pistole
Kirby's ThunderboltsJohn C. Stanaway
Ace of AcesH. Paul Jeffers
Adventures of a P-38 PilotHerbert E. Ross
354th Fighter GroupWilliam N. Hess
359th Fighter GroupJack H. Smith
56th Fighter GroupRoger Freeman
Aces of The EighthGene B. Stafford and William N. Hess
Aircraft of the AcesCompiled by Tony Homes
Allied Fighter Aces of WWIIMike Spick
Debden EaglesGary L. Fry
Flying AcesJames H. Kitchens and Bernard C. Nalty
Hellcat Aces of World War IIBarrett Tillman
Korean War AcesRobert Dorr, Jon Lake and Warren Thompson
Mustang Aces and Thunderbolt Air of the Pacific and CBIJohn Stanaway
Mustang Aces of 8th Air ForcesJerry Scutts
Mustang Aces of the 9th & 15th Air Forces & the RAFJerry Scutts
P-38 Lighting Aces of the ETO/MTOJohn Stanaway
P-40 Warhawk Aces of the CBICarl Molesworth
P-47 Thunderbolt Aces of the 8th Air ForceJerry Scutts
P-47 Thunderbolt Aces of the 9th & 15th Air ForcesJerry Scutts
Pacific SweepWilliam N. Hess
Saga of the Bent-Wing BirdsWalter A. Musciano
The Blue DevilsMark Styling and Barrett Tillman
The Greatest AcesEdward H. Sims
VIII Fighter Command at War “Long Reach”Compiled by Michael O’Leary
Wildcat Aces of WWIIBarrett Tillman
WWII Air WarVarious editors
My Taking FlightDean CaswellDean Caswell
The Fighting FalconsDean CaswellDean Caswell
Kamikaze MadnessDean CaswellDean Caswell
Once a Fighter Pilot: The Story of Korean War Ace Lt General Charles "Chick" ClevelandCharles ClevelandWarren Trest