About the American Fighter Aces Association

The American Fighter Aces Association was founded in 1960 to recognize the over 1,450 combat pilots from World War I to the present that achieved the status of American Fighter Ace by destroying five or more hostile aircraft in air-to-air combat.


Their five-fold mission works to:

  • Preserve and promote the distinguished heritage of the American combat fighter Ace for future generations of military aviators and historians, and to promote a more general understanding of the essential role of fighter aircraft in the defense of our country.

  • Preserve the spirit of loyalty, fellowship and responsibility that motivates Fighter Aces.

  • Support the understanding of and demand for sound, progressive aerospace weapons systems, which will guarantee the security and peace of the United States.

  • Encourage and stimulate young men and women of special skills to enter the aerospace field.

  • Sponsor educational programs designed to increase and broaden public knowledge of aerospace technology.

The group’s work has expanded to include educational outreach programs that include an annual scholarship for undergraduate college students, award programs for members of the military, in-depth online historical resources and other programs that encourage patriotism and help fulfill the Association’s mission.