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One Pilot listed, Capt. Marion H. Aten
  Fractional credits are used when a single downing
of an enemy aircraft is credited to more then 1 pilot.
This occurs when a number of pilots are shooting at,
and attacking the same aircraft.
The son of a Texas Ranger Captain, Marion Hughes Aten
scored his five victories in the immediate aftermath of WWI.
A U.S. citizen, Aten went to Canada and joined the Royal
Air Force late in the war. Assigned to Squadron No. 203
commanded by Raymond Collishaw and equipped with
the Sopwith Camel.
Suffering a badly broken arm in an aircraft related
accident, Aten was in the hospital when the war ended.
Following the Armistice, Aten was recruited to join other
RAF veterans going to South Russia to assist the White forces fighting the Bolsheviks. Aten is credited with five Bolshevik aircraft, including a Folker piloted by the Bolshevik's top-scoring Ace.
With the defeat of the White forces, Aten's flight escaped
by train through the port city of Rostov just before the
bridge leading into the city was blown up. Shortly before
his death, he wrote an account of his exploits entitled
"Last Train over Rostov Bridge" in 1961.
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Capt. Marion H. Aten