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Top to Bottom, Spitfire "Buckeye Don"
flown by 15.5 kill Ace 2nd Lt. Don Gentile.
P-47s arriving in England were painted with yellow circle and white areas for better recognition. P-47named "Rat Racer" flown
by Ace Frank McCauley. Frank flew with the 61st.FS, 56th FG. The 8th AF was counting on receiving the P-38, however they received
Republic's P-47 instead. Built as a high
altitude interceptor, Find out how the 56th FG tamed Republic's Thunderbolt, into a top notch bomber escort and fighter. click here
America's WWI Ace of Aces, Medal of Honor recipient Eddie Rickenbacker.
Eddie traveled thousands of miles in
World War II visiting the combat theaters, particularly fighter units. On one trip to the South Pacific, his plane was forced to
ditch and Eddie and the crew survived a
twenty-one day ordeal in life rafts.

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