The Museum’s state-of-the-art
Personal Courage Wing features 28 World War I and II fighter aircraft, memorabilia and live theater in an immersive environment. Located on
a twelve-acre campus, the Museum offers indoor and outdoor exhibits
and houses the largest aviation and space library on the West Coast.
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The Museum of Flight is the proud home of the American Fighter Aces Association. Located in Seattle, Washington, the Museum is one of the largest air
and space museums in the world, attracting more
than 400,000 visitors annually.
The Museum’s collection includes more than 150 historic air and spacecraft, as well as the Red Barn®–the original manufacturing facility of the
Boeing Company. Highlights of the collection include the world’s first fighter, the first presidential jet,
the nation’s first full-size simulated air traffic control tower, the only Concorde supersonic jetliner on the west coast, and the world’s only existing MD-21 Blackbird spy plane with drone.