Friends of American Fighter Aces,...
Individuals interested in the exploits of American
fighter pilots and the aircraft they flew! As students
of history and defenders of freedom, we recognize
the important role these pilots played while risking
their lives in aerial combat in defense of the Freedoms
we enjoy today.

Most of the aircraft they flew were well designed
flying machines, but they were only machines until
pilots strapped themselves into the cockpit
and took off in search of the enemy.

As Friends, we honor their achievements and continue
to help the membership live the wordsspoken by the
late leading Marine Ace Joe Foss, to "inspire patriotism
and set a high example for the youth of America."

As the years go by, we continue to study their
achievements, host symposiums and in other
ways help record and preserve their stories
for furture generations.

Love aviation history, come join us!

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of American Fighter Aces
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Or if you wish, you may contact one of our
Friends organizations listed below.

Currently there are 4 local Friends organizations.

Northern California Friends of the Aces.
Phil Schasker (President)
Phone: 408.725.8095

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Southern California Friends of the Aces.
Dennis Scott Thomas (President)
Phone: 951.924.7782

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Northwest Friends of the Aces.
Dean Wolff (President)
Phone: 253.845.5054

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Florida Friends of the Aces.
Gregg Wagner, Phd (President)
Phone: 954.916.8790
Cell: 321.277.2856

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...Or if you would like to form your own
local Friends Organization, contact,

Jema Hayes
Museum of flight
9404 E. Marginal Way S.
Seattle, WA 98108
Phone: 206.768.7166
or email